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    Grady-White Boats Dealer


    Category: Boating

    Family-owned and operated Grady-White dealership serving South Florida boaters for over 56 years. Business is a Certified Grady-White and Yamaha dealer and stocks large selection of new and used Grady-White boats. The sales and service departments have been awarded the Grady-White Admiral's Circle Award for Excellence in Sales and Service for over 18 years straight.

    White Horse Farm Equine Ethology Project


    Category: Education

    Features illustrated articles and forum discussion on the psychology and behavior of the horse. Subjects include evolution, social behavior and welfare, learning, body language, grazing, family, history of horse Whispering, and history of the Thoroughbred. Also provides related links.

    North American Model Horse Shows Association - NAMHSA


    Category: Clubs and Registries

    Promotes all facets of the model horse hobby and provides support for the future development of model horse showing, customizing, and collecting. Probably the most influential model horse club in the U.S.

    Islip Horsemen's Association


    Category: New York

    Founded in 1970 to promote equestrian involvement in community affairs of Islip County, New York that may effect horse ownership, to educate horse owners and horse lovers, to sponsor horse shows, and just have fun. Offering information on the club, English and western riding, gymkhana shows, a mounted drill team, clinics and lectures, plus beach and trail rides.

    Friesian Horse Society


    Category: Associations

    The Friesian Horse Society, Inc., - FHS - is a non-profit organization whose mission is to both promote and preserve the beautiful Friesian horse through strict registration standards. FHS is the North American affiliate of the Friesian Horse Breeding Association in Germany, Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e. V. - FPZV.

    Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse Association


    Category: Associations and Clubs

    A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse of Eastern Kentucky. The Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse, also known as the KY Saddler or Country Saddle Horse, is a naturally gaited breed dating back to the early settlers and Civil War era.