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    Instant Win Crazy


    Category: Directories

    Guide listing free online instant win games, sweepstakes, and promotions in which players can instantly win cash, coupons, or prizes. Includes lottos, slots, scratch tickets, and skill games.

    Galt, Fritz


    Category: Authors

    Official site of the spy novelist, Fritz Galt. Biographical sketch, interview, links to spy sites, unattributed reader reviews.

    Spy of the Century?


    Category: Wen Ho Lee Case

    An exclusive inside story on the Wen Ho Lee spy case from Los Alamos by Ron Gluckman.



    Category: Monitoring

    Utility to monitor computer activities.

    Write Ways to Win Writing Contests


    Category: Resources and Directories

    Offers authors and contestants valuable advice extracted from the editor's own book, "Write Ways to Win Writing Contests", and provides links to two major booksellers.

    Win a Contest


    Category: Publications

    Weekly publication listing mail-in and in store contests that Canadian residents are eligible to enter and win. Available through e-mail or Canada Post.