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    Assembly No. 0594


    Category: Nebraska

    Father Michael P. Dowling Assembly in Omaha, Nebraska. Includes a biography of Father Dowling, newsletter, and recent photographs of assembly activities.

    World Dowling Association


    Category: Informal Sports

    A stick game for two players, requiring a 400 foot track. Rules, terminology, league, standings, and history.

    The Dowling Group


    Category: Connecticut

    CPAs offering tax and financial planning services. Located in Stamford.

    Berger & Dowling


    Category: Florida

    Palm Harbor firm assisting individuals and businesses with insurance disputes.

    Joyce Dowling


    Category: Personal Pages

    Personal home page includes writings on UU beliefs and lay sermons.

    Paint Horse Stallions


    Category: Illinois

    Home of American Paint Horse Association Reserve World Champion Mr. Supreme Bonanza, American Paint Horse Association World Champion By Far The Best, and American Paint Horse Association World Champion Frozen Assets. Standing chestnut overos, bay tobiano, and bay overo at stud. Includes sales lists, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in Monticello.