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    Intermat Wrestling


    Category: College and University

    Complete line of wrestling products and gear and national amateur wrestling news, rankings, and articles.

    Huskerland Wrestling


    Category: Youth Wrestling

    Nebraska's largest youth wrestling club. Includes links, newsletter and a large database of amateur wrestling teams.

    WWF Attitude for the warzone


    Category: WWF Attitude

    WWF Attitude and WWF Warzone cheats, codes, and tricks for N64, Psx, Game Boy Color and Dreamcast.

    Attitude Arcade


    Category: Sports

    Printed shirts with attitude for all sports.

    Propositional Attitude Reports


    Category: Meaning

    Explores semantic accounts of propositional attitude reports, and some of the theories developed to deal with Frege's puzzle. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Thomas J. McKay.

    Wrestling Attitude


    Category: World Wrestling Entertainment

    News, columns, forum, information, and history.