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    WIPO Decision: New York Times Company v. New York Internet Services



    Text of WIPO panelist David Plant's decision transferring from New York Internet Services to The New York Times Company.

    New York State Newspaper Project


    Category: Publications

    A part of the New York State Library web site, this section describes the state-wide effort to inventory, catalog, and microfilm newspapers in all communities, as well as provide a research catalog of newspapers held in microfilm both at the New York State Library and at libraries around New York State.

    New York New York South Mission


    Category: New York

    A Spiritual Experiences Handbook and other standard information, including alumni database, for the New York New York South Mission.

    Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association


    Category: Education and Training

    Provides training courses for New York State licensing, sales, and installers. New York City, New York.

    New York Memory and Healthy Aging Services


    Category: Clinics and Practitioners

    Clinic specializing in Ayurvedic and Tibetan methods to combat aging and maintain mental health. Located in New York, New York.

    Reflexology with David Cook


    Category: United States

    Sessions available in New York, New York and City Island, New York. Eunice Ingham method classes available.