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    Hardy Boys Encyclopedia


    Category: Hardy Boys, The

    Includes cover scans, character appearances, locations guide, forums, book summaries, and site updates. Also includes information on the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series.

    The New Homemaker: Raising Boys


    Category: Boys

    Article discussing boys and stereotypes such as short hair, independence, and "being wild."

    Camp Laney for Boys


    Category: Alabama

    A boys' summer camp organized on Christian principles and tradition, located atop Lookout Mountain in Alabama.

    We're the Boys: Two Swinging Cats


    Category: Images

    Photo-essay about two cats, Bobby and Beaufort, known collectively as "The Boys."

    CNN: 'White House Boys' win inquiry of reform school graves


    Category: White House Boys

    Four men, now in their 60s, spurred an investigation into 32 graves at the Dozier School for Boys.

    Illinois Royal Rangers


    Category: Pentecostalism

    Provides information, training, and encouragement to the boys and leaders of Royal Rangers located within the state. State chapter of this worldwide ministry of the Assemblies of God to boys 5 years old and older.