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    Category: Algorithms

    Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory, the ACM special interest group for Theoretical Computer Science. Site has membership information, meetings, reports and a newsletter for members.

    ACM Special Interest Group for Hypertext and Hypermedia and the Web


    Category: Hypertext

    Host of annual, international conferences since 1987. Access to full papers from the conferences in the ACM digital library, in addition to newsletters and conference information.

    ACM Crossroads AI Features


    Category: Publications

    ACM Crossroads is the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery and has published many articles about topics in Artificial Intelligence.

    The ACM Portal to Computing Literature


    Category: Publications

    The ACM Guide and Digital Library with a set of internal and external reference and citation links giving access to current research.

    ACM Sigmobile


    Category: Research

    The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data, and Computing is a research association in the area of mobile and wireless computing and networking research.

    ACM SIGAPL Home Page


    Category: User Groups

    SIGAPL is the ACM's special interest group devoted to APL.