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    Nutrition Guidelines for Cancer Prevention (ACS)


    Category: Cancer

    A summary of American Cancer Society's (ACS) nutrition and physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention. Includes nutrition details on select types of cancers. 2006 edition.

    Apolyton CS Forums - Civ2-MultiSite Democracy Game


    Category: Democracy Games

    Discussion forum for debates and chatter of the ACS team in the multisite democracy game of ACS, CFC and Gamecatcher.

    ACS Ethical Guidelines


    Category: Guidelines and Codes

    Relevant to chemists publishing in American Chemical Society journals, with sections for editors, authors, reviewers, and scientists publishing outside of the scientific literature as well.

    ACS Colorguard


    Category: High School

    Scottsville High School. Includes winterguard photographs, schedule, instructors, member list, and links.

    ACS Architects


    Category: California

    Provides complete and nationwide architectural and construction management services, along with integrated retail store planning functions.

    ACS Technologies, Corp.


    Category: Wholesale and Distribution

    Distributor of printed circuit board equipment and supplies, including hot air levelers, LPI solder mask, and AOI machines. Site lists represented companies.