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    Karla's Guide to Citation Guides


    Category: Citation Guides

    Annotated collection of links to the best citation guides on the Internet, especially citation from the Internet. APA, Chicago, MLA, CBE, and legal citation. Karla Tonella, University of Iowa.

    The Chevrolet Citation Body Shop


    Category: Citation

    Basic information on the car's history and development as well as information on the webmaster's Citation II.

    Citation Software


    Category: Software Development

    Provider of services and products related to electronic publishing technology, particularly on-demand-publishing technology and variable-data-publishing technology.

    The ACM Portal to Computing Literature


    Category: Publications

    The ACM Guide and Digital Library with a set of internal and external reference and citation links giving access to current research.



    Category: Citation

    Home of the rare Chevrolet Citation X-11, and open to all Citations.

    SCA-ARTS Listserv Citation Index


    Category: Society for Creative Anachronism

    A categorized index of links and citations from messages on the SCA-ARTS listserv. Major categories: crafts, metalwork, cultures, food, garb/clothing/fabric, health and safety, and performing arts.