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    El Grande


    Category: El Grande

    To collect most points during 9 turns (6 in the short version). The counting for points are done after turn 3, 6 and 9. You get points by having most (2nd and 3rd gets less points) caballeros in the castle and in respective region. Some other things gives bonus points, as the one with most caballeros in the king's region and in your home region.



    Category: Vikingatid

    The player who have most victory points when all players have been Christianized, wins the game. The victory points are alloted in phase 9 in each turn, where conquered territories trading values give points, 2 points per Viking country where you are king during this turn and also 5 points for each unknown territory you have discovered this turn. Sega Rally 2


    Category: Sega Rally 2

    The Sega Rally 2 page at, featuring information and tips.

    Arcade-History: BioFreaks


    Category: Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.

    Information on the arcade version including screenshots and cabinet picture.

    Arcade-History: Libero Grande


    Category: Libero Grande

    Information on the arcade version, including screenshots, description and trivia.

    Cablouie's Arcade Cabinet Project


    Category: Constructing

    A project aiming at producing an arcade cabinet built from scratch using switchable control panels.