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    Ideas by Creativity Pool


    Category: Creativity

    A free pool full of new ideas and inventions. People can search the database for invention ideas, or donate their own ideas and be rewarded.

    Yahoo Groups: Journal Writing


    Category: Mailing Lists

    Email list to discuss journaling ideas, questions or roadblocks. Journal ideas to keep you writing.

    Boardman's Birthday Party Ideas


    Category: Children

    Collection of themes for children's birthday parties including ideas for decorations, food, goodie bags, activities, and games. Includes a message forum.

    Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Celebration Tips


    Category: Halloween

    Some recipe ideas, entertaining tips. Decoration ideas is a link to a sales site. - Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas


    Category: Thanksgiving

    Offers ideas for Thanksgiving entertaining, menus, decorating, centerpieces, tablesettings, and a November planning calendar.

    Math Ideas


    Category: Math

    Provides math and manipulative ideas for early childhood educators to use in the classroom.