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    Living Lent


    Category: Lent

    Site by a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America commenting about the origins of Lent and encouraging people to give us something for Lent or to do something extra for it.

    Crazy Quilt Web Ring


    Category: Web Rings

    Crazy quilts are the focus of this web ring.

    Crazy Eights Deluxe


    Category: Shareware

    Offers a Crazy Eights software download.

    Classic Crazy Bones


    Category: Crazy Bones

    Original supplier of Crazy Bones collectible figurines which were popular during the late 1990s through the 2000s. Provides fan club, game and character listings as well as ways to become a retailer.

    Something Special With Flowers


    Category: Wedding and Events

    Wedding florals and philosophy, bouquets and arrangements with image galleries.

    Going to Pieces


    Category: Weblogs

    A 40-something wife, Mom, quilter, lawyer and avid reader.