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    Meme, Counter-meme


    Category: Memes

    Mike Godwin reflects on Godwin's Law in Wired.

    School's Out? A Conversation with Seymour Papert


    Category: Papert, Seymour

    Interview at The Matrix: MEME 2.13. Treats Papert's favorite topics: children, computers and the end of schools as we know them.

    3 for Thursday


    Category: Meme

    Triple answer meme. A collaboration between Colin and Karen.

    Longevity Meme


    Category: Organizations

    Nonprofit longevity organization that promotes and publicizes achievable anti-aging technologies.

    How The Hampster Dance Stole My Soul


    Category: Parody

    A brief essay on how the infamous Hampster Dance meme destroyed my soul.

    Wikipedia: O RLY?


    Category: Image Macros

    Open content encyclopedia article explaining the origins of the O RLY owl, history and pop culture sitings of the meme.