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    Category: Dynamic DNS

    Offers dynamic DNS to personal top level domains or second level domains.

    Students Perceptions of Distance Learning, Online Learning and the Traditional Classroom


    Category: Higher Education

    Results of a study done at a medium sized state university which finds that distance learning and on-line learning technologies are perceived by students as having some benefits although they are not necessarily knowledge-related. related.

    When Worlds Collide: The New Dot-Biz and the Old


    Category: biz gTLD

    "It seems the new dot biz domain conflicts with domains registered in an alternative root system." News and archived discussion. [Slashdot]

    Your Rights Online: Dirty Domains



    Discussion of NSI's practice of refusing registrations to some registrants but granting them to others. [Slashdot]

    WIPO Decision: Diageo plc v. John Zuccarini


    Category: and others

    Text of decision transferring 11 domains from John Zuccarini to Guinness plc by panelist James Bridgeman.



    Category: Auctions

    Offering a selection of .com domains for auction, along with general domain information.