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    DOS EXE Format


    Category: Executable

    Information about the DOS EXE Format (also known as the MZ format).

    SVF specification


    Category: SVF

    The Simple Vector Format, or SVF, is a vector graphics format which supports hyperlinks and layer information. It was jointly developed by SoftSource and NCSA to provide a useful 2-D vector format for use on the World Wide Web. The specification is freely available for anyone to use.

    George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film


    Category: Collections

    The Photography Collection includes photographs and negatives dating from the invention of photography to the present day. Searchable by photographer.

    Landscape Photography by Charlie Waite


    Category: News and Media

    Landscape photography, exhibitions, tuition, photo critiques, books and DVDs, landscape photography blog by Charlie Waite - landscape photographers in the UK and Worldwide.

    Photography Webrings


    Category: Web Rings

    A directory of photography web rings. Each web ring is dedicated to a different subject within photography.

    Ken Easley Photography


    Category: Arizona

    Full service photography studio based in Phoenix, Arizona. People, places, products, studio and location photography.