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    Jordan Insurance Co. P.L.C


    Category: Financial Services

    Services include marine insurance, general accidents insurance, engineering insurance, public liabilities insurance, motor insurance, and fire insurance.

    First Hawaiian Bank Insurance


    Category: Insurance

    Hawaii life insurance, business insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning and estate planning.

    Maddrey Insurance


    Category: Financial Services

    Information from this insurance agency representing Erie Insurance Group, Farmers Insurance Group, Harleysville Mutual Insurance, Integon, Builders Mutuals, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    Classical Net - Definition - Classicism


    Category: Classical

    Definition of this movement.

    A Definition of AI


    Category: Philosophy

    A proposition for a formal definition of AI.

    I2O Definition


    Category: I2O

    From Webopedia, definition of I2O and links.