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    IMDb: Clueless


    Category: Clueless

    Cast and production credits.


    Category: Newsletters

    Weekly newsletter designed for those who want to profit on the World Wide Web, and have fun doing it. Dana Blankenhorn delivers a quick guide to headlines, telling whose got a Clue, and who is Clueless, based on his 20 years of experience as a business reporter.

    Voegeli Brown Swiss Farm


    Category: Brown Swiss

    Breeders of Brown Swiss cows, embryos, bulls, semen, and heifers. Located in Monticello, Wisconsin, USA.

    Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association


    Category: Associations

    Serving the USA, the association offers Brown Swiss history and facts, enterprises, products, membership information, news and upcoming events, awards, top 50 cows, top 25 protein young sires, top PTI sires and contact information.

    Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation (Swiss Banks)


    Category: World War II Dormant Accounts

    Process to allow Nazi victims or their heirs to claim assets deposited in Swiss banks before and during World War II.

    Swiss Cat has Mad Cow Disease


    Category: Toxic Foods

    Organic Consumer article on a Swiss cat diagnosed with the feline form of mad cow disease, contracted through contaminated pet food.