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    Megatokyo: Dating Sims and Visual Novels Forum


    Category: Dating

    A web forum on dating sims, on the site of the Megatokyo webcomic.

    Killer Sims


    Category: Chats and Forums

    Yahoo! Group for fans of the Killer Sims site.

    The Gamers Temple - The Sims Makin' Magic


    Category: Makin' Magic

    An Interview with Jonathan Knight. "The Sims Makin' Magic includes some of the wackiest character skins we've done, including witches, ogres, sprites, wizards, and a suite of Renaissance clothes. But you have to cast magic to get to some of the best characters." - The Sims Vacation Screenshots


    Category: Vacation

    Over 100 high quality screenshots of The Sims Vacation.



    Category: The Sims 3

    Preview, by James Batchelor: "With a visual overhaul, brand new customisation options, big marketing push (see Promoting The Sims, below) and an already established fanbase, The Sims 3 is set to be one of this summer’s biggest chart topping PC hits."

    Winn and Sims Law Firm vs. Shawn


    Category: One Complainant

    Winn and Sims got Marshal Levy against Shawn's bank account without doing proper investigation in a case of identity theft, not bad debt, causing him a lot of time and hassle.