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    Robbie's Recipe Collection: Mongolian Beef Recipe


    Category: Steak

    A recipe for beef that includes the various comments made by cooks who have tried it.

    Canned Food Alliance


    Category: Cooking

    A consortium of steelmakers, canmakers, food processors and canned food brands promoting the nutritional and convenience benefits of canned food. Features a recipe database, bulletin board, online surveys, recipe contest and tips on health, lifestyles and timesaving.

    White Bread recipe


    Category: Yeast Breads

    White bread recipe with variations.

    Cheddar Crackers from Recipe Source


    Category: Cheese

    Simple recipe using cayenne and finely grated sharp Cheddar cheese.

    Oat Crackers from Recipe Source


    Category: Oat or Oatmeal

    Egg and milk free recipe using rolled oats, flour, wheat germ, salt, oil, and water.

    Ginger Ale Recipe


    Category: Soft Drinks

    Recipe for syrup, using ginger and vanilla. Also has history of Vernor's soda.