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    Reddit: Programming


    Category: Programming

    For discussion and news about computer programming. Stories with user comments.

    Constructed Languages


    Category: Constructed

    An encyclopedia entry describing constructed languages, including sections on auxiliary languages, artistic languages, and logical languages.

    Fox Project


    Category: Operating Systems

    OS based on ML language. Goals: advance art of programming language design and implementation, while applying principles of programming languages to advance art of systems building. Project work: theoretical studies of languages and their traits, developing new compiler and run-time technology, empirical studies of applying advanced language techniques to real-world programming problems, more so in areas of high-performance networks and OSs.

    VL 2000


    Category: Conferences

    IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages. Visual programming languages, software visualization, usability of visual programming, end-user programming, visual techniques in software design and testing, and visual representations and grammars for web-based services.

    reddit: Rust


    Category: Rust

    Community news, links, questions and answers.

    Blade and Soul - Reddit


    Category: Blade and Soul

    A community forum to discuss all aspects of the game including news, game guide, gags, and so on.