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    Earl Parker's Combat! Photos


    Category: Combat

    Behind the scenes slides taken by actor and stuntman Earl Parker during the Combat series.

    Parker Lewis Can't Lose (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)


    Category: Parker Lewis Can't Lose

    A guide listing the title and air date for each episode of the TV series Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

    WebRing: Doomed SciFi TV Couples


    Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Includes sites devoted to Leo/Piper, Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Spike, Scully/Mulder, Miss Parker/Jarod, Frank Parker/Dr. Vukavich, and Col. O'Neill/Maj. Carter.

    Parker Christian Home Educators


    Category: Local Support Groups

    Photos and group information for this Parker area local support group serving the Denver metro area.

    Parker Outpost #96


    Category: Colorado

    Info site of Parker's Royal Rangers with contact information.

    Benchley Despite Himself


    Category: Benchley, Robert

    Selected monologues and other works edited and acted by the humorist's grandson, Nat Benchley. Reviews, links to bibliography, filmography, and contemporaries Dorothy Parker and Groucho Marx.