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    Web Style Sheets


    Category: Style Sheets

    W3C's authoritative overview of style sheets for the web.

    Dan's Tai Chi Chuan Web Page


    Category: Schools and Instruction

    Tom Walters teaches Tung Family Yang Style in Fullerton, California. Class schedule and cost and photo page.

    Annie's Christmas Page


    Category: Christmas

    Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Lots of different pages - Wisemen page, Kids page and a Gingerbread page to name a few.

    Marc Moskowitz's Latin Poetry Page


    Category: Forms

    "This page is meant to be a jumping-off point for examples of modern (aka 20th century) Latin verse as well as information about such things as scansion, poetic style, and anything else that seems related."

    Rococo Style


    Category: Rococo

    A discussion of this whimsical style, its origins and uses, from the Catholic Encyclopedia, with a bibliography.

    Wikipedia: Scottish Baronial Style


    Category: Scottish Baronial

    An illustrated outline of this variation on the Gothic revival style from the collaborative online encyclopedia.