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    Generic Programming and the STL: Using and Extending the C++ Standard Template Library


    Category: Books

    This page contains the Errata for "Generic Programming and the STL: Using and Extending the C++ Standard Template Library" by Matthew Austern.

    Kids Page - Heroin Awareness Foundation


    Category: Teens

    Heroin Awareness can help kids and young people who are using drugs or who know someone who is using drugs.

    Remote Economic Development Over the Web


    Category: Development

    Develops pathways to economic development using SQL Server database technology over the internet, using plain English and Photoshop tools.


    Category: Web Services

    Web development using templates or parish-supplied electronic documents, subdomain hosting, and promotion. Also offers electronic processing of contributions using parishioners' automatic payments by credit card or checking account.

    Guthrie, Ron C.


    Category: Line-Art and Ink Illustrations

    Pen and ink drawings, using the stippling technique. Images of boats, horses and other subjects drawn using only dots of ink.

    ComScire (Quantum World Corp)


    Category: Hardware

    Device driver for random number generation using entropy sources within a PC using no additional hardware. On-line purchase, free download of trial version.