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    Annie's Christmas Page


    Category: Christmas

    Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Lots of different pages - Wisemen page, Kids page and a Gingerbread page to name a few.

    Web Page Counter for Delphi


    Category: Components

    By Dave Wedwick. Create a web page counter in Delphi. This is for use on web servers via the cgi-bin protocol. This creates and returns a JPEG image of the counter value.

    Web Site Optimal Performance (WSOP)


    Category: Load and Performance Testing

    This tool checks the consistency of a web site and makes a load time analysis for all page elements. It provides a set of reports and statistic layouts representing web page download information. Available for various Windows platforms. [Commercial, trial version]

    Mopar Cruisers Car Club Home Page


    Category: North America

    Club home page with a few links, show and events page, pictures of club members cars and club happenings.

    Isle Royale National Park, An Unofficial Page


    Category: Isle Royal NP

    Unofficial page for the largest Island in the Great Lakes. This page does not reflect the opinions of the NPS, nor do the content authors have any affiliation with the NPS.

    Annie's Thanksgiving Welcome Page


    Category: Personal Pages

    A Christian religious page features recipes, thoughts, traditions, special page for children, and links to other Thanksgiving sites.