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SEARCHEN NETWORKS® is a search engine marketing brand primarily associated with Internet related web services, consultancy and search engine advertising provided by or through Internet entrepreneur John Colascione.

SEARCHEN NETWORKS® was founded in the early days of the Internet back when search engines such as Google and Yahoo were just starting to become accepted in the United States as the leading Internet search engines. Equally important was ranking high in the results pages of these search engines while they transformed into not just a helpful tool for finding information, but an important tool for increasing a business's overall web traffic and thus, revenue.

At that time, nearly twenty years ago, it became fairly obvious, or at least a 'good gamble', to owner Colascione that search engine optimization would become a needed, necessary and highly sought-after service from businesses looking to increase their web profile in online searches. Colascione spent years reading and learning everything he could about search engine algorithms to understand exactly how they worked so he could assist not only himself in gaining preferential positioning in search engines, but to also consult clients on achieving the same.

In 2001, SEARCHEN NETWORKS® was formed and began providing search engine optimization services in addition to building and maintaining its own group of websites. Additionally, the company later became an authorized reseller of GoDaddy, which was known at that time as GoDaddy Software, to provide everything required to put a business online such as Internet domain name registration, website hosting, website design and other related online services such as web based email.

Over the years, SEARCHEN NETWORKS® has become synonymous in the domain name space as an affiliated Wild West Domains Inc., reseller of GoDaddy services and launched its own meta search engine and web directory based on the overwhelming interest in the area search, primarily noticeable today when visiting, however, the business remains active in the Internet services industry and acts as a Internet technology services company for the many Internet related platforms which are owned and operated by SEARCHEN NETWORKS®.

SEARCHEN NETWORKS® is also a member of the ICANN Business Constituency (BC working group) while John Colascione, Chief Executive Officer, is a general member of the Internet Commerce Association or ICA, a Washington based trade organization that represents the interests of domain name investors, developers and the direct search industry. Colascione remains active in the industry and is often called upon to speak at domain name and Internet trade conferences on his experience and insight on the Internet, its evolving technologies including future strategies for getting found in search.

In 2019, SEARCHEN NETWORKS® reorganized, ceased its New York State corporate operations and began associating itself with its new owner INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES INC., a Florida corporation. While its search engine, directory and domain names business remain located under the long-standing URL, for full-service web solutions, consulting, Internet advertising, etc., please visit INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES INC.

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SEARCHEN®, SEARCHEN NETWORKS® and SERIOUS ABOUT SEARCH® are registered trademarks in the United States.