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Domain names are website addresses which typically begin with "www" while ending with ".com", ".net", or ".org". As year’s progress and good short domain names are running out, many more extensions are becoming available, and that list of new domain extensions continues to grow each and every year. For example, ".website" has become available for registration, but few consumers are aware of it. Finding a good short domain name which ends in ".com" is considered to be the smartest, safest, and most “premium” type of domain. Historically ".org" is a fantastic alternative in the event you’re searching for a name for an "organization", however, even in that case, having the ".com" in addition to the ".org" remains important as you could lose web traffic from users who expected or confused your domain name with the widely more popular ".com", so having both is the best option and recommended.

Why Register with SEARCHEN®?

If you’re looking to register a domain name, you can do this here with our domain name search tool. Searchen Networks has been providing customers around the world with a reliable and secure place to register and manage their domain names for nearly two decades. As a partner affiliate of Wild West Domains, Searchen Networks provides a domain management account where users can securely manage their domain names, set them to renew automatically (provided that a valid credit card is on file), and control all of the domain’s name records (DNS) and features from a single interface. We’re also one of the very few registry affiliates out there to offer absolutely free domain name forwarding (a service that lets you easily point your domain somewhere else), so if your domain name is primarily used to point to another site, our customers enjoy the fact that they need-not pay any additional fees for this popular domain forwarding service.

Just Compare Our Prices

While packed with already great and free add-ons, (you also receive free domain masking, locking and alerts) there are still more reasons to shop and manage your domains with Searchen Netoworks, and this one is that our domain name prices are some of the lowest prices in the Industry, period. This is particularly important for those who manage more than one domain. For instance, many people choose to have multiple domain names, sometimes hundreds of domain names - and when such is the case, a few dollars more for each domain can be a serious cause for concern. But it’s not just a matter of a few dollars in some cases. As an example, our price for a typical .com domain name registration is in the area of $12/year. Comparing that to a company like Network Solutions, which is one of the very first domain name registry businesses (NetSol, which is now owned by, began offering domain name registrations in 1991), charges approximately $39/year. That is roughly $27 more which is a big difference, especially if you’re managing many domain names; just ten names would be an extra $270/year for virtually no reason at all, other than your domain is at a more costly registrar. And this is just one example, all companies charge different prices for their domain services.

Transferring Your Domain Name(s)

Most domain name registration companies aren’t particularly fond of consumers knowing, but you can transfer and manage your domain name anywhere you want; it doesn’t have to stay wherever you originally registered it. There are hundreds of companies (we’re on list as Wild West Domains) which offer and provide domain name registration and related services and you can move to any of them. Transferring your domain name can save you considerable money year-over-year, and if you’re interested in transfering to us, we even offer a free one year extension for each purchase of a domain name transfer, so transferring your name to a better, cheaper registry will actually extend your registration life by one year. There has never been a better reason to move. We also offer a bulk transfer service if you are moving more than one domain name, and each one of them would receive that free one year extension. There is no longer a reason to continue to manage your domain name at an outdated, over-priced registry. Our accounts are safe, secure, offer two-factor authentication and provide many free features which other registries charge for, so transfer your domain name to Searchen Networks today.

Button Premium Domain Services

Another very unique reason you might want to utilize Searchen Networks as your domain name provider, is unlike the majority of domain management companies, we offer two different ways to make your domain names work for you. For instance, customers of Searchen Networks have the ordinary opportunity to fully manage and administer their own domain name in our “do-it-yourself” management account system. This system allows the ability to fully control and operate your domain name as well as purchase other add on services such as web builders, web hosting and more. However, for customers that want to own their domain name, but prefer to have a company fully manage their domains and Internet services for them, Searchen Networks offers a dedicated department for customers who desire this level of premium services. This allows customers to pay the lowest industry prices for their domain registrations, while receiving a higher level of service to be provided which they are willing to pay extra specifically for that level of service. While handled by a different department at Searchen Networks, customers keep it all in one house under one roof, while experiencing a higher level of service owning and operating their domain name. From premium name acquisition to full blown development of your domain, Searchen Networks premium management services can’t be beat.

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